Third TBSGC Article

At a senior home residence a 120 unit apartment building we were hired to swap out the old compromised hot water lines throughout the building. Coring concrete slabs at various units of each floor had to take place. Doing so required scanning each area prior to coring with ultra sonic imaging devices to avoid cutting rebars, telephone/electric lines. Although these precautions had taken place we were still unfortunate to hit a number of telephone and electric lines since the ultra sonic device like any other device has its margin of error.
Our contingency plan covered a variety of potential situations. We studied some of the usual problems in coring operations prior to commencing the work. By doing so we learnt that retreating the coring bit which can easily bind to the galvanized rigid steel conduit and the concrete can be quite challenging. Furthermore, water from the coring machine may also travel in the conduit and into other units or a common electric outlet. All technical, safety and curtesy measures were taken to prompt back power/telephone/cable to the residence.

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